When one door opens...

Today was a great day! Yes it was nearly freezing when I woke up to yet another wet grey day, but it was destined to be great.

Wren, my mom and I all went out of town to visit my grandparents so that was amazing (as it always is). But I always know it is going to be a great day when I start it out by proposing a project to Sean and he is on board with little to no discussion needed to convince him.

It all started when he patiently took me to Home Depot last Wednesday night where I was free to draw up plans for my new dream front door with a designer. The only catch was that he wanted to bring home the plans, look them over and do a little price comparison before handing over the cash. Fine by me! Then our story takes a bizarre twist involving me heading down to the basement (a rare event) looking for some accessories to jazz up a dresser I was photographing. Some people could tell you where to find things in their basement, I couldn't tell you how to even get into some of the rooms in our basement until recently (Don't ask), let alone what is down there or where it is! So imagine my shock and surprise to find a lone front door hanging out, waiting to be found (I also found a pond, lot's of cool books I forgot about after we moved and what appears to be an ancient Chinese scroll, but that's a another story for another day).

I am SOOO happy I didn't pull the trigger on that new front door so quickly! We plan to sell our current, unique door on craigslist and whatever we get for it will be put towards replacing the 70's frosted glass with updated windows, some exterior paint for the new door and some decorative moulding to jazz up the blank spaces beneath the windows. So instead of spending thousands we are now getting a full frontal makeover for make a couple hundred bucks! Hello new staircase railings!!

Can't wait to get it started!