A little reality

I always giggle when people leave comments asking if our house is always so clean. It's a funny question to ask someone who basically lives in a slowly progressing construction zone. To keep any semblance of sanity I have to have a few areas that look remotely finished and tidy.

But at the same time I want to make sure that you guys see the reality of living in a home that is always progressing, often slower than we would like but we would rather do it at our own pace so that we can pay cash for everything. Although there are days (lately a whole lot of them) that I really want to see the pace go up a few notches.

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This is really what our daily life looks like. It is laundry day and the family room couch slipcover is getting it's monthly bath.

But even once the cover is back on I really want to emphasize that a family lives here!

I seem to share just bits and pieces of rooms so I am trying to conciously make an effort to take more "room shots". Since we have this whole room dedicated to enjoying our favorite shows and movies we don't mind having the TV out in the open.

See the bottom left hand side of the couch? Wren likes to stash her back pack and some other goodies down there.

Wren loves bouncing around on the poufs and playing on the rug while we eat our breakfast and get our daily dose of Sesame Street every morning.

But the stuff you don't see (because why on earth would I constanly remind both you and I that I have a mile long to-do list!) are things like where the floors are not yet finished.

Here is where the front hall meets the kitchen. We can't finish these floors until we rip out a few walls in the kitchen. And we can't do that until we are ready to purchase all the cabinets. And we can't buy the cabinets until we pick out our appliances... and we can't pick out our appliances until we finish the stair case and railings... and on and on !
So for now this is what it looks like~

And here is where the kitchen meets the family room! We ripped out the railings (yeah, a railing to save us from 1 step was definitely necessary, love the logic of these houses), and will eventually extend the kitchen floors a few inches to where you see the wood end.

We also plan on running the beadboard ceilings from the laundry room all through out the kitchen and family room too... but until then I will be sitting here in my half-finished but fully loved family room.

(this cabinet is completely bursting at the seams with toys and usually overflows into the whole room)

The light is so beautiful in here and it really makes me feel like I am floating on a cloud~

But even with all that, I wouldn't change a thing and fully love living in our reno as we progress in our journey!