A little warmth

I spy with my little eye something that is striped. Can you spot it?

If you said this rug you are an eye spy pro! I made a quick stop in at HomeSense (aka Canadian HomeGoods) to pick up a few baking items for Wren's party earlier this week, and you know that means scour the sale racks and every other aisle if your name is Holly. And that is how I found this dandy.

It is a simple flat woven rug (I am a BIG believer in flat woven rugs for high traffic-kid friendly areas) in a perfectly beachy striped pattern. But the part I loved about it so much was the fun pattern in some of the beige stripes made it kind of unexpected. Oh yeah, and this 9x11 rug had a price tag of only $149, but the best part was that I had a gift card from christmas still so it cost me all of zero dollars.

{ thanks for the new rug Grandma!!! }
You know that feeling where you would rather not buy something and make the wrong choice than just leave it as is? That is how I felt about it. I have put off finding a rug for in here because I wanted something I would love, but at the same time not quite as predictable as usual. BUT I was a little uncertain how a pattern would look near my happy chair. 

I think these two will get along just fine though.

Have you found any AMAZING after-holiday sales this January?

Pillow Perfection.....psssst there's a giveaway!!

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My love of beach/sea side decor is never ending. I don't like 'theme' decorating, but just a few hints of naval fabulousness makes me feel like I'm on cloud nine. My long time blog friend, Katie, is one of those amazingly talented ladies who has taken her passion and talents, merged them together to form Etsy shop SaSea Decor and the results are beautifully simple pillows that girls like me dream about.

{ a few of Katie's designs that recently joined our family room }
Some of Katie's older designs, bumble bee pillow and french script pillow, are common sights in many of my previous posts, and home.

I am so proud of her new collection of hand printed pillows, they are truly works of art!

Katie is not only talented, but uber generous and wants to share 2 pillows with one of  you!! One lucky winner will choose any 2 of Katie's designs for their own home. The only thing you have to do to enter is head over to Katie's Etsy shop, SaSea Decor, and tell us which 2 pillows you would choose in a comment on this post.

My thrift store octopus pillow loves his new friends!

You have until Monday, August 27 at 9pm Pacific time to post your choice of pillows here so don't forget! I will announce the winner later next week.

If you are impatient like me, and could use a little retail therapy Katie is offering us all 15% off any order using code inthefunlane 

A big thank you to SaSea Decor
Good luck to everyone!

A little love for a tiny table

{ a new addition to our family room }

I saw this table at Goodwill a few weeks ago. It was only $4 and what drew me to it initially is that even though it is very small, it is tall! Not many old tables are tall enough for today's furniture, so even without a spot in mind I carted her up to the checkout and brought her home.


I didn't have the motivation to get it done until Ann Marie from The Hob Knobbery (one of our sweet Etsy shop sponsors) sent me a special little parcel. Inside the parcel was one of these pretty calcite knobs. I have to say, the gal knows my weakness: pretty hardware. I just can't say no to it even when I don't have a project lined up... reason #1,203,438 I stay away from Anthropologie sale racks unless absolutely necessary!

{ I got to work pretty much immediately after opening the mail }

ps- I took A LOT of pics to FINALLY get our Verathane step covered in paint perfection. Look for that post next week!!

All done, knob installed, I found a little spot in our family room for it.

Isn't that knob lovely? I love the texture and natural element it brings to the room. 

When it comes to white/neutral rooms, the thing that you need to pay the most attention to is making sure you layer textures throughout. Rough, shiny, smooth, plush, worn, soft, you need to have it all. I find this is the area that does not come as easily to me and I need to make an effort to keep it varied. 

Thank you so much Ann Marie!! I am so in love with this little table and it is all thanks to your special knob~

It is nice to have a spot to put a drink when I am sitting at the sofa now.

Also, I want to thank my Aunt Carol who has increased my little antler collection recently. I particularly love this old, bleached, worn one.

The drapes seem to be closed almost constantly these days. A necessity with the heat. I voluntarily took down the ugly, old, brown venetian blinds last year during the ceiling/kitchen reno in here. I haven't looked back or missed the darker, yet cooler room it brought. Simple is usually best in my world.