Musings from the Mother of a (somewhat formerly) Hair-less Baby

Because she was whisked away so fast, if you ask Sean what my first words after Wren was born were he will tell you with a little smile on his face (because he loves this story) that I asked him "Does she have a lot of hair?"

Oh, the irony! At 18 months old we are just finally starting to really get the first sprigs of real hair, not just bunny fluff... but here are just a few observations I've made over the last 18 months.

1. No, I'm not the most vindictive mother ever... but people must think so when they ask how old my little boy is (wearing head to toe pink clothes and sparkly flip flops). The powers of observation aren't as strong in some of the population apparently.

2. If you think that combing non-existant hair will acclimate them to it later on you are just wasting your time.

3. I am thankful for not having to worry about shampooing ketchup out of hair the 3+ meals a day we eat involving Wren's favorite condiment (side note: did you know that 1.5 year olds think you can dip everything from bananas to popcorn in ketchup... and that it tastes "Mmmmm"?)

4. It's easy to laugh at episodes of Tyra involving wigs for babies.... until you actually consider googling it.

5. I've been told on many occassions that if we bravely shave off Wren's hair, it will grow back thicker and fuller. Oh sure, let's throw away what it's taken 18 months to acheive and just hope it pans out. THANKS, but no-thanks.

Recently it has really started to grow, but it is still so fine that we will consider each little strand a gift from above (just like this little lady). But isn't it funny how the one thing you picture or imagine about your baby actually isn't even close to being as important as how much fun you have with them?