A before and After, but not together...

I am VERY excited to join the ranks of all your lucky ladies who have found treasures in the trash! Yesterday I had to stop at my storage unit and as I drove into the lot I saw something poking out of the dumpster...
Sean took a closer look and retreived this old chair!

The crazy part is that my sister and I nearly dragged home the IDENTICAL chair from a garage sale last week but just couldn't justify paying $35 for a chair we truly didn't need. Before that I had never seen a chair like this and now I have one hanging out in my storage unit! Since this is totally out of my league I think this restoration will be a project for my professional upholsterer... someday when I have a need for a giant old chair.
And because I often forget to shoot befores I don't have one for this cabinet. But it really wasn't too bad. Just an ugly stain made it feel dated.

If you are on my mailing list and wonder why you haven't seen this one yet, it is because I had 2 clients both speak for it while it was unpainted. I *think* it probably has a home already but if anything changes I will definitely update the mailing list to inform you.

My favorite part was that between the glass doors there was this wire mesh screen. I removed the glass and just left the wire for a french feel.

It was painted all white, then I hand painted various details with a light grey and went over the whole piece with a grey glaze to make it feel well loved. I PROMISE these techniques will be in the e-book that will hopefully be coming in August~

Au revoir mon Cheres!