I want to thank everyone for the love. I am always completely blown away by your support. It's a pretty amazing feeling to have so many wonderful friends~

But this evening I want to send my thoughts and prayers out to another friend. We met a beautiful family back in January thanks to WhiteBerry and over the course of the last 7 months have enjoyed getting to know them. It has been another example of how so many of my clients become wonderful friends, but sadly we have lost one of those friend this weekend. My heart grieves for the loss my friend Annette and her 4 beautiful daughters have suffered with the passing of her husband, Brian. He died doing what he loved: flying. And he died while bravely fighting a wild fire. Annette is an extremely couragous woman and I know she will be fine, but as Sean lost his father at a young age as well I understand the magnitude of their loss. If any thoughts and prayers can be spared, please send some their way!

We love you Annette~