Dining room switcheroos

While I have visions of sugar plum fairies and white furniture dancing in my head poor Sean has nightmarish visions of sisal rugs and dining room chairs. I think he is on dining room overload today...

We had to make a stop at Ikea for shelves for the laundry room and I also wanted to grab one of their sea-grass area rugs. We found a great 8x11 sized rug for $150 and rolled on to the checkout line. Some how he made that sucker fit in his car trunk, we got it all the way home, rolled it out and I took 10 paces back and said "nope, it's all wrong!". He liked it, but being the always obliging husband to a decorating obessessed wife he just nodded.

So I scurried off with Wren in search of something that would feel right! We headed straight for the closest HomeSense and I immediately saw the rug. The rug that I might have looked past about 3 months ago because of it's striped pattern. But today I just knew that I needed it. And voila! it was also on clearance, $50 cheaper than the Ikea rug. Fate, I tell you!
And while fate dealt me a pretty nice hand with that one, it also left me a little perplexed and questioning myself. Because today I not only went through 2 rugs, I also went through 2 sets of chairs...

I had scoored some wonderful modern chairs on craigslist recently, painted them up and had them inside looking fabulous. I have just been awaiting the perfect bench for the other side of the table to slipcover for a little mix of modern and flowing white linen perfection...

until I walked past these lovely specimens:

Natural linen slipcovered chairs with beautiful rope detailing on the backs!! Mmmmm I had seen them about a month ago and had to seriously talk myself down at that point but I had completely forgotten their existence until they were staring at me from the clearance pile for $60!!! Yeah, I can't even buy a slipcover for that price let alone a whole, beautiful, fabulous, linen covered chair.

I think they add the perfect touch for my beach dining room and while I still love the modern chair/bench combo I think these will stay a while~

(but I am still doing both because I am completely crazy and like to have the variety... and they cost barely anything... please don't judge this batch of crazy, k?)