Happy Monday!

Can you believe it is Monday again already? Where is August going???
Lately I have been getting a lot of emails from readers who have tried to find a product I list in the FAQ section called Killz Primer. I am not sure if this is a canadian product, but it is carried by Home Depot here in Canada so I am guessing it should be available (maybe under a different name?) in the states.

If you don't recognize the brand, maybe you will recognize the can on your next trip to the home improvement store (photo from my upcoming e-book).

And now I want to introduce you all to our new dining room table, Calypso. She was in the midst of an identity crisis so I thought a name might help give her some direction.

Here I am lovingly caressing Calypso's new "driftwood" top (photo also from the book, which will include instructions).
And yes, my hands really look like that when I am out working! I use gloves occasionally but I really prefer to get my hands dirty. I heard about a product called liquid gloves recently that I think I will try out soon though.
Doesn't she have great legs? *wink*

She is a beautiful mermaid-inspired table and I can't wait to show you her in the house!