Loving Malta Mist

The office is really starting to take shape! Wren and I picked up our wall paint and had it all finished Thursday evening. We went with Malta Mist by Pratt and Lambert (my favorite wall paint brand... their colors are so beautiful!). It is a grey with hints of blue and green and I really feel like I am floating on a wave when I am in there now.
I also brought in antique cabinet I have been saving for the perfect spot. The only reservation I have is that it has gorgeous details on both the front and back so it is a little heartbreaking to place it up against a wall. But the white really looks lovely against the Malta Mist walls. I am debating taking that color into the kitchen and family room now...

I have also brought up the dining chairs that I painted a couple weeks back before I found those linen slipcovered chairs. I think they will contrast really nicely against my HUGE old desk and the distressed cabinet. So it is nice that I have a place for them after I desperately hunted them down online and painted them (they were brown before) instead of shoving them in my basement "store". Now we are going to install the chandelier, which is also a little more modern, then I can bring in all the fun stuff like rugs and curtains and accessories!
Speaking of "fun stuff", we have been having a lot of fun lately! Last night we had a surprise 50th birthday for our Aunt and it was a blast. Isn't her cake fun? I love that it was a disney princess theme, and her birthday present was a Disney cruise next week for her, her husband, their 2 sons and their wives as well as their 4 grandchildren. Talk about a good time!!

My grandparents even drove out from Vancouver!

The biggest hit with the kids was the dance floor. I think I must have danced for at least 2 hours trying to keep up with them!

Wren was rocking out and partied like a little trooper!

Looking a little crazy by this time, my sister, wren and I needed to replenish our fluids and enjoy a little cake.

And after so much excitement Wren slept like a log... I felt bad but I had to wake her up this morning around 10:30 after we were already a half hour late for a Mom's group playdate. And I am sure she will have another late one tonight since we have a Barbeque to go to so cross your fingers she doesn't have a melt down on us~