Dip dyed beads (the obsession continues)

painted-beads photo IMG_7675_zpsf68e1b89.jpg 
When I bought the wood blocks for our little scandi-blocks I also picked up a boat load of wood beads and buttons. Mainly to keep Wren busy and included in craft time that day, but in the end she didn't use up all her beads and I decided to make a little Thank You gift for a blog friend. 

You already know I love me some dip dye, but the fun of actually dipping or dying anything never seems to one of the steps. So I decided to do a quick dip on the beads.
painting-beads photo IMG_7465_zpsf8fdd62c.jpg 

The best and easiest way to dip is by watering down your paint slightly (I just used acrylic) and the unbending a paper clip to hook your beads on.

If you dip them like this you get a horizontal dip
dip-dye-beads photo IMG_7467_zps42b63706.jpg 

or you can hook and dip them on the first bend and get a vertical dip line.
 photo IMG_7469_zps80ca7473.jpg 

The other trick I found was to just leave them on the paper clip until they dried by just setting the clip across the paint bowl. 

After they were done I thought I would release my inner fifth grader and make a friendship bracelet. 

Let's just say my knotting skills have some improving to do...
bead-bracelet photo IMG_7677_zps85d94e2d.jpg 
it's not perfect, but it's perfectly cute.
I really hope my friend gets a surprise when she opens the mail!
hearts photo IMG_7679_zps50858012.jpg

Dip Dyed Table

 photo _MG_7056_zpsdb4f1486.jpg 

Is your inner mermaid dying to make a break for it too after yesterday's post? Mine made a little leap for freedom on Monday when Wren and I made a day out of painting our recent finds.

My score was this $10 table and hers was a school desk my mom passed down to us (which I'll try to remember and show here soon)
wood=table photo _MG_7005_zps98d6b4fc.jpg 

She went with a soft purple, I went with Tropical Dream by Behr.
Since we only wanted to add a slight hue to our otherwise white items I bought the sample pot sizes. 
paint-chips photo _MG_7009_zps49c84ebf.jpg 
A coat of high gloss spray paint on everything, although not too thick where I planned on doing the dip dye was all the prep this project needed. Mainly just because I'm cheap and didn't feel like wasting paint.
table photo _MG_7011_zpsf37df36d.jpg 

My assistant was in full purple mode as we tackled this project together. She definitely commits when she decides to.
paint photo _MG_7016_zpsf9456940.jpg 

A little painters tape and some light brush strokes was all it took to get the dip-dyed effect. Could I actually have dipped it? I guess, but that seems like a freaking massive amount of work and paint for such a small project. Plus I imagine that to sound like a great idea until you lift the furniture out of the paint and have to deal with runs and drips everywhere. So a good brush and $5 in paint sounded more on my level. 
dip-dye photo _MG_7059_zps8de280fb.jpg 

I love the subtle, not too bright color of this minty-sea foam hue.
 photo _MG_7050_zps5bc2d502.jpg 
milk-glass photo _MG_7061_zps57bf7bb0.jpg 

I don't want to get too crazy, because not much would hold it's own against this rug, but a little color is creeping into here at a slow and not-too-frightening pace. Of course I still require all my basic elements to feel light and bright. But some unoffending hits of color don't seem to be throwing me off yet.
dip-dyed photo _MG_7052_zps25296be5.jpg 

 photo _MG_7064_zps62771cb6.jpg

Have you 'dip dyed' anything yet? I have another small table I'm going to give it a go on in Wren's room I liked this one so much!

Vintage Sheet Music + Water Colors

 photo _MG_6448_zpsba8dd7a5.jpg 

Last Summer I was in a pinch when I was trying to fill a frame that I wanted out before company popped over (check out that post here) so I threw a cover sheet from some vintage music in a frame. Once upon a time I scored 3 GIANT boxes full of antique sheet music for $1 ( I was doing my best Ikea lady impression that day "START THE CAR!!!!!!!!!!!". Because I'm positive all the 70 year old men there were gonna regret missing that one. Not ). It may take me a lifetime to figure out what to do with it all but I will file that one under purchases I'll never regret!

I have since moved that framed sheet and I felt the corner it was occupying needed a little tiny hit of color. A really tiny one.
 photo _MG_6449_zpsfdcaf030.jpg 
I got the smart idea to add a graphic in a bold color using a stamp.
 photo _MG_6450_zpsa892ed5c.jpg 

I hate to admit it... but I kinda felt it looked bad.
Horrible actually. Not everything, just the stamps. 
 photo _MG_6454_zps10f69c97.jpg 

In an attempt to salvage it I just simply watered it down and smeared things up.
I actually kind of think it looks neat now. I think it is the perfect marriage of my antique/vintage side and my clean, modern side.
 photo _MG_6457_zps07b07970.jpg 

Water colors aren't perfect and with a small dose of teal at the bottom I kind of dig it. 
 photo _MG_6465_zps12621848.jpg 
I like the simple, soft color pallet for an otherwise neutral corner.
 photo _MG_6470_zps74faf6d0.jpg 

So the stamp didn't go my way... but I gave it another go on some sheet music as well. A little more color and a little more abstract.
 photo _MG_6481_zps1a52d137.jpg  photo _MG_64881_zps79ba8119.jpg

this one I LOVE!!

What do you think, would you ever consider trying it out in your space?