Side Table

Are you basking in the sunshine of a glorious Sunday morning as well? I hope so! Nothing tops a sunny Sunday.
Beside enjoying the lovely weather lately, I have made a significant dent in my own pile of furniture. And the Laundry room... well that is pretty close to being checked of my list! We are just down to accessorizing now, but I know exactly what I want (capricorn) and I hope to find it all easily.
But over the next couple days I have some cute WhiteBerry pieces to share to hold us all over until the big reveal. Like this little table. Alone and lonely, I just had to rescue it! Little tables like this always feel so pitiful once they have lost their 'family' (aka, matching set). With just a little love they always look so darling.
I even loved the original hardware, which is a rarity. I love the icanthus leaf design and it also matched the foot tips on the legs. It just felt like a good match already and I know when to leave well enough alone (sometimes that is...).

I know it will be happy in it's new life and will make someone else very happy as well, including me!