Little tid bits

I have major Laundry Brain these days. Well actually Laundry-room brain is more accurate, as Sean and Wren will remind me while pointing to the heaping piles in our closet...
Our budget for the room was as miniscule as they come, and my fancy pants Ikea cabinetry ( $450) and new floors ($300 in supplies and materials) took up the majority of that budget so accessories will need to be really really cheap!
These old brackets will be for the shelving, and while I had those laying around just waiting to be used since we moved (they supported a shelf at our old front door which was our answer to a hall table) I still need to acquire 2 more nearly identical ones for the second shelf. The old dry cleaning sign was anothe old find I have been stashing since we moved. I scooped up the replica locker basket for $5 at Home Sense and the 3 was on clearance for $1 last year there as well. So far the budget is in check, but I do want to mix these older things with new glass cannisters and a rolling laundry cart to go under the counter.
My inspiration for the overall feel of the room is actually a little different than my usual look, and it came from one of my favorite stores for jeans: Abercrombie!
I always love their mix of light grey and high gloss wainscotting, although they typically have grey ceilings and beadboard walls but I went the other way around.
And a little glimpse of my beautiful new cabinet!
It was MUCH more work than we anticipated, but now that is feels close to finished we are actually a little blown away that we accomplished some of the stuff we tackled (if you have never installed beadboard sheets on a ceiling here's a little tip: it is hardly a job for 2 people and will probably result in the use of curse words if you attempt it).
And if you see 2 cute brackets like mine in the Edmonton area holler at me (excluding Anthro because I definitely cannot fit $60 in brackets in the budget LOL)!