So the kitchen reno begins...kinda

Hi! Thanks so much for dropping in. A certain someone took it a bit literally yesterday, hence the hole in our kitchen ceiling.
We unofficially began ripping the kitchen out when Sean's goggles were blinded by flying insulation and he took a mis-step off the beams and through the dry wall. Thankfully he is A-OK, and while Wren and I weren't here at the time (thank the lord he wasn't injured and alone!!!) we have been sweeping and vaccuuming insulation dust non-stop. Well almost... we have also been doing our fall wardrobe shopping and some sewing, which I will probably share this week as well~
And so the renos continue... and the plot thickens... and all the jazz. Just give me a beautiful closet already!
We have also been making some minor adjustments to the laundry room.
You might recall that this lovely sideboard was making herself useful in there:
But she has gone on to bigger and better things as a client's dining room buffet so we decided to opt for some seating this time around.

They kind of remind me of Goldie-locks and the three bears. We each have a chair that is juuuuust right!

But Sean preferred the extra "counter space" so when I finally get back to some of my larger pieces (currently buried beneath and behind client projects) I might move a dresser or buffet back again.

But for today I think they really are juuuuust right.