Antique Sewing Table

I love how sewing machines used to be actual furniture. It is so much cooler that furniture had purpose in those days and that "gadgets" were pretty, versus all of todays gizmos that just seem to crowd our homes and lives.
Although this little table has long since lost it's sewing machine I still think it has some life left in it.

Even though it isn't a real drawer I thought it needed a little 'jewellery' so this anthro knob finally found a partner.

I have painted some really beautiful sewing tables for clients and this one is definitely on the small side. But it is tall enough to pull a chair up to which would make it a perfect little desk for a tiny corner.

Or a bedside table for todays towering pillow top mattress sets!

The top still flips up, but I think it looks nicer closed.

I always seem to get attached to these little treasures much more easily than the big show-stopping pieces... I wonder why?