Let's Chat, Shall We?

Preface: Ok, I wrote this on Saturday when mid-post my computer dies! It is now Tuesday... so excuse any incomplete thoughts.

Our day started off with a bang, literally! Wren and I were playing in the living room when a bird hit our front window.... then within a few seconds 3 more plowed into it as well. We quickly put on our shoes and set up a search for the victims in the massive shrubbery in front of our house (that is not very friendly I might add, poking me constantly with thorns). We were forced to call off the search after only locating one little guy.
I refused to touch him with my bare hands so I used a bread bag to rescue him and set him in some dirt to recover. Wren loved looking at him and kept saying "Baby Bird, hurt!". But about 2 hours later we watched him flutter off, so it looks like our little patient recovered.

And now that I actually have about 2 minutes to sit down and type while Wren naps I wanted to catch up with you all! There is really no excuse for it, but I am extremely extremely overwhelmed with emails. I am sure I have mentioned it here about a hundred times already, so I apologize for the monotony, but there is simply no possibility of me tackling them all. And quite frankly I have been happy to even have 10 minutes a day at the computer lately as Wren has suddenly abandoned her mid-day nap (I'm hoping it's a temporary thing!!!) and I barely have the energy capable to form a complete sentance at 11pm when I settle down for the evening.

So I am going to answer all the most pressing questions I see right here, then transfer them to the FAQ section. But please know that if I had the time I would LOVE to shoot the breeze and chat with you, and that as soon as I open your email (I try to at least read them all!) I consider you one of my furniture painting sisters, or in the rare instance, brother. And if you have asked for creative advice, well let's just call it a blessing in disguise that I haven't steered you in some horribly wrong direction causing you unnecessary heartache and stress. Because you really don't need it either, I promise! So many of you have it going on already.

But for those of you who have asked these questions repeatedly, here is my response.

What color is this wall:


Easy! That is Windham from Pratt & Lambert. I always list paint sources for each room under Tour Our Renos.

Another question I see regularly is " What is your favorite white paint"?
If you haven't heard back from me, it is because I really don't have an answer for that question (along with a ton of other questions LOL). If you want to find a shade that works for your needs be sure to take into account the type of lighting (warm/cold, west/east) and what time of day you use it, because walls (and furniture) look different in different rooms at different times. And always take advantage of paint swatches and those 4 oz testers.
If you have asked about a color on a particular piece of furniture, unfortunately I custom mix my colors with various mistints and don't have any info as far as brand and color name.

If you have asked about paint guns or compressors I really really really advise you to make your decision after talking with a very knowledgable sales associate. Your gun should not be based on what I use, but what compressor you have!!! It can be a really fun thing to play with, but it can truly be dangerous if used improperly.

As for Verathane, several of you have notified me that it is not available at your local stores. I am sooo sad to hear this because I have nothing but wonderful things to say about it. Unfortunately I don't have another brand I can recommend because they are all I use.

You guys are so inventive, and everytime I think I have been asked everything I usually see a new question pop up. Like "why do you like white so much?" (I'll leave that one to a therapist), "should I paint my great great great grandmother's dining room table" (yikes, I don't that kind of pressure on me people!!), or one of my personal favorites "How many dust bunnies would you estimate you pick up on those dark floors everyday?" and the answer for that one is easy: none! Mung Kee does all the mopping around here.

But in all seriousness, thank you soooo much for taking the time to say hello! That is always what moves me so much, that you would take the time out of your day to introduce yourself. I am always so flattered and appreciative that you even stop by here to see what we have gotten ourselves into now.
Now let's take a time warp back from Saturday, to today, Tuesday...........
Now that I have my laptop back (thanks Sean, and the Geek Squad!!!) I have some catching up to do! You might have noticed that Whiteberry has been pretty barren lately, which is due to the wonderful clients that have been keeping me gratefully busy. But with the laptop down I seem to have found a few extra hours to pump out a bunch of cool, new items... funny how that works.
So I have some really neat Whiteberry stuff to show you this week, as well as some fall decorating and just a few random decor items that I've either just found or purchased with the always lovely Rebecca while out auctioning recently.
Boy am I happy to be back!!