WhiteBerry Hardware

I packed home this adorable little dresser a few weeks ago. There were no plans to paint it because I love the 'limed' wood, so it was destined to be WhiteBerry Found Treasure... kind of. The longer it sat around the more and more attached I became to this bleached-out dresser. But it was very short and had some uglyyyyy handles (not original, so I trashed 'em). Over the span of several Lee Valley runs I tried out numerous styles but nothing felt right.
The knobs were original and I really wanted to keep those so I started thinking about what might look "rustic" enough.
Which is where my love of twine came in handy. I wanted to incorporate knots for a nautical touch so I simply braided some twine, knotted each end...

As well as the insides to secure them. And in about 5 minutes I had myself some FREE handles that perfectly suit the style of the dresser and our dining room.
We also added some casters for some much needed height. Now I am fairly certain that this will be staying put!!
And a big thanks to my sister for her Life in the Fun Lane inspired crafts! We have some major decorating to do at her place this week before she has her first house guests so look out for her REALLY inexpensive guest room ideas~