Thank You!!

Reading all your comments and suggestions over the last few days as to how we can amp up this blog of ours has been so fun and encouraging. It is actually a surprise to hear that you guys want more of the personal stuff (Wren, clothes, life, etc.) and I am so excited to incorporate more of that. I always hear complaints when other decor blogs get too off topic, but I won't confess to be a strict blogger by any means so I am happy to oblige.
It has also been very inspiring to hear that you like what we have already been doing. I am sure you have heard me say it several times here, but I am a confessed bad blogger when it comes to reading and commenting on other blogs. It wasn't always like that, but as Wren became a toddler (hence only 1 nap, if I'm lucky) and WhiteBerry has taken off, the hour or two of computer time I get is mainly devoted to emailing and writing blog posts. Which has it's good and bad side. The good side being that what you read here is 100% Holly. Sometimes when you read other blogs and like their style of writing I think it does influence you a little, I can look back on old posts and read things thinking "that soooo isn't me!". The bad side being that I have no idea what is going on blogger-land as far as what people are loving/hating.

But I am looking forward to the days when I can browse all the beautiful blogs out there for inspiration, because if Fresh Coat Friday has taught me anything it's that there is no shortage of creativity out there!
But enough about me, here's what I am looking forward to showing you.
Why I place things the way I do... because I would be lying if I said I had a plan, yet at the same time I did take the time to "hap-hazardly" spread little buds to look like they fell off naturally.
The insanity will compell you!
How to use the same 2 star fish in about 30 photos. It's all about shopping your own home people.
But in all honestly, I am actually really excited to share the details.
And the logic behind why I might use 30 books somewhere other than a bookshelf.
And how to pull together random stuff to make vignettes based on color,

or rather the lack of it...
Photobucket While I admit I have no training whatsoever in this field, I will say that it is 90% gut instinct. But sometimes you need to see things to get a feel for why it works and what you should look for.
I think our journey is going to be a fantastic one, but for now the journey will be on hold while Wren and I make the rounds at our favorite thrift stores for 50% off day!!!
Au revoir mes cheres