Kitchen Appliances... and a new direction

If you've been following us from the start, about a year and a half ago you might remember this plan I had for the future kitchen reno. As you can see, it isn't a few coats of paint sort of job, hence why it has yet to be done almost 2 years after moving in.
Well, we bought the floors and have only the kitchen and stairway remaining to install, and just recently we decided to pull the trigger on our appliances (finally!!!). If you've done a kitchen from scratch you know that you can't even think about cabinetry or counters until you have you appliances sorted out. And as you can see based on my plans, we have expensive taste in appliances (which is totally ironic since we do not cook)... sort of, the 36 inch range pictured is actually from Ikea. Check it out if you want a high end look, with a really great price tag.
But I was also inspired by Layla and Kevin over at the Lettered Cottage who found a great deal on their new fridge and dishwasher thanks to scouring craigslist! To be honest, used appliances didn't even occur to me. I just assumed that we would save for a few years and shell out the equivilent of a new car on the fridge of our dreams.
And then the roof fell out on us... literally.
So Sean got busy and did some hunting online. It turns out that when somebody needs to get rid of a 48 inch, built in SubZero fridge there aren't a lot of takers because, well, unless you already have yourself a 48 inch built in fridge you probably don't have the cabinet capacity for one. I'll admit, it's not a situation that comes up often but Sean just so happened to find a really great fridge and range in another city about 5 hours away.

He has family there so they were really awesome to help him load them up, but for under $3000 we scored both a 48 inch stainless steel SubZero fridge as well as a 36 inch Thermador professional range (both pretty much new). We've actually had them for about a month now (you might have seen them peeking out in pictures of the garage) and are now finalizing our layout and plans to get some things started hopefully before the holidays.
I have seen her sets mentioned on numerous blogs, and I am definitely a fan of Nancy Myers' kitchens. But the movie It's Complicated in particular really had me scratching my head.

Here I wanted all white and grey, but after seeing the lovely warmth of the beiges mixed in I may just have to go back to the drawing board as far as colors as concerned.

Here's a similar fridge hanging out in the background.

Our biggest challenge will be installing a new picture window, similar to this one on a wall that formerly housed cabinets. It will be nice to look out in the yard while I wash.
So there ya have it, while it has been SLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOWWWWW in the making, at least we can finally focus our energy in getting started!
(although I doubt it will be so easy and painless as I hope)