Color Splash

Today I am am battling the same cold that Wren was suffering from last week. It has been a long 4 or 5 days since it started since I am positive my immune system is still in shock after having my appendix removed in December (when I consequently also caught a virus during my hospital stay). I was having a bit of a blue day yesterday (cold weather+head cold= one cranky momma bear) until I saw these photos from the Style at Home booth at Toronto's design show. Despite my long-lived love affair with white and grey it had my heart at hello.

The theme of the booth was paint and everything from the paint can light fixture, to the beautiful floors and furniture feature amazing uses for paint!

You'd think so much color would make me dizzy, but it just seems like a super fun hang out and I desperately wish I was lounging on the velvet settee right now.

Their choice of colors work in perfect harmony.
I think I forsee a few brighter projects in our near future with this much inspiration!

And while yesterday may have been on the blue side, today I am smiling from ear to ear as our closet is in the final day or two of work! Sean is laying the hardwood floors and I am hoping to have all our rods and organizers hung by the end of the week. It's been a long road, but SOOOO worth it when I see how much space we've gained (if you forgot, or missed how our closet adventure began click here).
Here's hoping your day is sunny!