May Candle of the Month

It's about that time again! I feel sad that blogger was down for me all last week because sure enough this post got delayed and now the link to these Anthropologie candles is non-existant. So while I'm assuming they sold out online, be sure to check your local stores if you want to track one down. They were originally $24-$30 each, and were down to $14.95 and $9.95 last I checked.

I'm going to be honest, I was sold long before I took a sniff. The cute little painted ceramic containers and knitted 'scarves' (as I have dubbed them) are so fun that they truly could've been unscented and I would have scooped them up.
But lucky for me, they are not unscented! The smaller blue/white cannister is Jasmine Cedar and has 15 hours of burn time. The larger green/white one is Sugared Balsam with an estimated 25 hour burn time. I know they sound "woodsy" but actually have a very fresh, natural scent.
I don't know what initially draws me to woody scents, but as long as I can remember I have always loved them. One of my fondest memories is of my first solo vacation, I was about 12 years old and flew out to British Columbia all by myself to spend a week with my Aunt Carol. She is one of my favorite Aunts, but I actually think of her more like a best friend because we have so much in common. No matter how young I was she always treated me like a grown up.

On my mini holiday with her she took me to a neighboring farm she worked at that had a beautiful old castle on the property. It was featured in numerous movies and tv shows and I was isnstantly in love, but even more exciting was that she allowed me to pick out one item from the carriage house-turned-gift shop. I settled on a bottle of essential oil, but not knowing anything about flowers or scents I picked one solely on smell. The smell that I found to be most beautiful of all was Balsam. It was strong, fresh and hearty and I had absolutely no idea what it was.
I am sure most 12 year olds wouldn't have found much to excite them there but I actually still have that old half used bottle of Balsam oil. It was so precious to me that I used it very sparingly. Stealing a sniff every once in a while, and everytime I smell Balsam I immediately remember my magical little holiday.
And speaking of magical, Carol is close to completing one of the most beautiful homes I've ever set foot in on an acreage just a few minutes away. She hopes to move in June and once she is all settled lets cross our fingers that she will share a tour with us all (you know I've already been asking!!). It may take a year or two, but I know her yard will be insanely beautiful as she is a horticulturist and has quite the eye for landscape design.