Caitlin Rowe Giveaway Winners

If someone ever asks me what super power I would like to have I am leaning towards growing an additional 6 arms. Honestly, think about how much you could get done with 8 arms! I would be able blog with 2 hands, email with another 2, paint with 1, cook dinner with the other 2 and change a diaper all at the same time!

But I am sure the wardrobe for someone with 8 arms isn't all that cute since I'm sure your options would be limited. So maybe I will go back to saying mind reading or invisibility.

However, 8 arms is very cute when it is in the form of a pillow embroidered with a big blue octopus! I took the next jump in thrifting recently when I brought this pillow home for $5 (don't worry, no bedbugs here! I put it through the wash machine on Sanitize twice).

About 5 years ago I wouldn't have dreamed I needed anything at a thrift store, 3 years ago I would have told you you were crazy if you told me I'd every buy clothes at one, and up until just last week I cringed whenever walking by the blankets and pillows. Never say never! Because this baby happily resides in my almost-finished office as my thrifting badge of honor.

So since I only have 2 hands I am sorry this took so long to announce, but along with 'never saying never' I also believe in 'better late than never'.

Congrats ladies!! Drop me an email as soon as you can and I will have Caitlin send out your Taylor headband and Doris hair clip. And a BIG thanks again to Caitlin Rowe for sharing some goodies with us all!!!