A little flair from a chair

See that crazy patch of color just beyond the flowers on our coffee table?

It is the new super happy chair we bought last week! Remember when I told you that we've had some new purchases for the house? This was the by product of one such purchase. When we were out buying a totally different item (which I am almost ready to show you guys) my mom told me to go look at this chair. I was completely shocked when Sean expressed his love for it. Um, hello, who is this guy? was basically all I could mutter. But with an approval stamp like that I couldn't leave it behind!

I think it is going to be right at home in our family room. It's a fun place where there are often toys out and about so it will blend in well opposite our sectional.

A happy chair for a happy room! Makes me smile every time I come in here.

And a super happy, fun day to you as well!