I'm back from outer space

When I say I have been sucked into a whirl wind I am almost serious. It all began nearly two weeks ago when we were heading up to bed one evening and after handing our beloved MungKee a piece of cheese he started choking (or so we thought), stopped breathing and about 2 minutes after the ordeal began, all while Sean and I were performing CPR (ok, Sean was and I was hysterically freaking out) we declared him dead. Hardly able to see or function through our grief he gave a small twitch a minute or two later and we started back up with the CPR, frantically trying our best to bring him back.

More than luck was on our side that night and our little fighter eventually came around again. We later learned that while he may have choked slightly on small piece of cheese, what he mostly suffered was actually a seizure followed by either a heart attack or something like it. I am about to take him in to the vet again for more follow up but without an MRI all the testing has concluded that it was most likely exposure to some sort of toxin (they determined this through elevated enzyme levels in his blood). We are hopeful that it isn't something terminal like a brain tumor or pancreatis, but as of now we are just monitoring him and giving him a LOT OF LOVE. To say it put our busy lives in perspective is the understatement of the year!

So I am sorry to leave you all hanging on our last Paint Perfection class, but duty called and I had to answer.

You may remember a post I did back in November about following our dreams and living life to it's fullest. It is my goal for 2012 to make some of my biggest ambitions a reality. I didn't go too far into detail and I am not entirely ready to disclose the specifics but after our reality check with MungKee I put myself into full throttle to make this reality real! Let's just say that my makeovers are going to a whole new level, and there promises to be some good blog content in the coming months~

I think I have life back under control and stabilized again, so I am excited to be back In the Fun Lane!