Josephine Chair and a Candle of the Month

When it rains it pours at our house! Our little Mungkee is on the mend, despite the set back of developing a tumor in one of his front paws. It must be uncomfortable for him because he has a distinctive limp, but the vet says there isn't much for us to do to help it at this stage. But I've not only been caring for a mildly handicapped dog, since Wren came down with a very upsetting stomach flu last night at 2 am. I am writing on empty tonight (or running, I guess but I'm too lazy to hit the backspace button) because it has been not stop laundry and mopping up since then. Mom's who've been here know how unglamorous my day was. Those who haven't please say a prayer of thanks tonight!

I would most definitely rather be sick myself than feeling helpless watching her feel so miserable.

Before this minor set back happened at 2 am, I was having one amazing day! I had a fun day of auctioning with 2 of my Aunts and I am certain that I purchased one of my best auctions finds EVER.

We were laughing and enjoying ourselves when the auctioneer moved on to a chair and ottoman set. I hadn't seen it sitting there from the back of the room, but once they lifted it up I saw that it was a cute little set covered in identical linen to our new headboard.
Not ONE person wanted this little set and when I threw my paddle up at $45 it was mine ALL MINE!

I nearly had a spasm of excitement as I flipped over the ottoman and saw the label!

Thank God for Iphones because I found the chair online immediately and discovered that my $45 chair and ottoman retail for $1500... and to think not ONE other person even liked it enough to bid at that price? Crazy people, hey!

I have to shed a tear of sadness for the poor soul who will learn their $1500, brand new chair sold for such a measly sum. But then I will scream from the mountain tops with happiness that I scored such a cool find for and insane price. I think it will reside in our office for a little while until I can decide how to potentially incorporate it into our bedroom or some future project.

Only a few bucks less than our favorite new chair, this Voluspa candle is my LOOOOONG overdue Candle of the Month (click on the tag at the bottom of this post for my past picks!). I used a holiday gift card from Anthro to bring it home a couple weeks back. It retails for $38 at Anthro (may be cheaper at other retailers or online), and it is a pretty good value even at that price because this little jar offers 100 hours of burn time which is easily one of the highest I've seen. I've had it going non stop and it is only 1/3 used. The scent is called French Cade Lavender but I would describe it as a musky, masculine take on lavender. It is almost parfume-like and the scent is very neutral. I don't think it is as potent as some other Voluspa candles I've loved but the scent is soft and does travel around the house nicely when lit.

Plus, I love the jar and will easily find something to use if for once the candle is long gone~

What candles have you been loving??