So, I think I have to admit defeat on last weeks Paint Perfection post. I have a stellar write up on distressing and sealing, but alas, the photos I spent hours taking are longgggg gone *a lone tear falls down my cheek*

I was hoping to have all the photos replaced by now, but it probably won't happen until tomorrow so we'll reschedule for this Friday. THANKS again for all your patience and for holding out for our conclusion.

Wren and I are just about to walk out the door to take a drive out to my Grandparent's farm as life seems to be moving at a hectic pace since February walked in the door, but when we get home tonight I have a fun post lined up with a couple of the changes have been transpiring here are Casa WhiteBerry!

A little sampling of what we'll be chatting about? Our recent move to a king sized bed, some new kitchen furniture and the family room evolution. Wow, that seems like a lot! Maybe I'll break it up into a couple posts.

And in just a few weeks I look forward to sharing a new project I will be working on that is on a whole new scale than I'm used to!