The king and I

The second week of January was freakin cold. COLD, so I appreciated a smaller bed, cuddling close to keep warm with Sean. But by the third week it was mild again and we decided that it was time to take the plunge on something we had been discussing for about a year now: switching to a king mattress.

The funny thing is we did things just a smidge backwards because we bought a headboard before we committed to a mattress. It was one of those things that prompt you to make the jump to King because it was too good to be true!

I was shopping at HomeSense at the very start of January and saw a beautiful headboard there, only one, in a king and lacking a price tag. I knew it looked familiar so I went home, did some googling and low and behold I realized it was either an exact replica, or perhaps a cast off Warner headboard from Restoration Hardware (I realize it is not normal to remember things like that, specially if you aren't in the market for a bed, but I'm weird like that).

My first reaction was to drag Sean down there the very same night, but on closer inspection we discovered a rip in the material so I sadly left it. I resigned myself to the fact that I would either have to get creative on another headboard project or just splurge on the real deal. Then my mom called me one afternoon saying she saw another one at a different store and put it on hold for us! So just couple weeks ago we made another trip to finally seal the deal on our King sized upgrade. The second headboard was in perfect condition, still wrapped even, and boasted a price of $500. Not the cheapest headboard out there, but it saved me about $1600 on the Restoration Hardware SALE price once you include shipping and tax!

Of course it has caused a trickle down effect and now I am looking for some snazzy new shams, ideally something with a little texture.

And I am also working on a new side table for Sean's side of the bed. Our last mattress was a plushy pillow top that gave Sean back aches for days, so it was extremely high and needed a tall side table. Now it looks a little high with this bed and the light glares in your eyes at night from that angle so it's time to go lower.

The sand linen is the perfect hit of texture and color next to our muted grey paisley wallpaper.

I LOVE the nickel nail head detail all down along the frame. It adds a fresh feel to the linen.

As usual my wheels are turning and plans are being hatched for what else to add/subtract in here.

One thing I am desperate to subtract is the obvious cords for the TV and I can't wait to add a few extra hits of bling on the new nightstand.

For the commenters asking about the duvet, I bought a Cal King duvet and cover, but the bed is just a standard king so I am not sure if that has anything to do with the extra hang over. But I REALLY think someone would make a killing selling oversized king duvets and covers for those of us who like lots of over hang. It might even save a few marriages in the process on those cold nights when blanket real estate is a major point of contention!