Your weekly Lexington update

You ready to take a little drive over to Lexington? I have been hard at work there and still have paint under all my nails after working on painting the staircases (all 4 of them!) so we can get the carpets installed in the next week. My hands have also been busy swiping credit cards galore as I build up a little collection of "staging" items (by "staging" I mean things I can't wait to use in our own house once Lexington sells).

The first things I will claim are these down filled Ralph Lauren throw pillows. I got 4 to help plush up the couch and they are hands down the best $20 throw pillows EVER.

The loot after a successful shopping day (thanks for the help Kathryn!)

I cannot get over how well priced the accessories are at Urban Barn, especially on sale! This little cream cow was on sale for only $3. I need shelf filler for both a wall of shelves and the island, and this will keep the vibe fun.

These glass candle sticks are the perfect blend of traditional and glam, and ranged from $2-$3.50.

 How cute are these labelled locker baskets? Great for the open storage on the kitchen island.

Weird, but true... there are no ceiling lights in the living room or bedrooms. So I've had to stock pile lamps. This one has navy linen ribbon on the shade and will pull together our navy scheme perfectly!

On to the actual progress! Remember my plan for the tile floors? The installers thought they were cool, but added a few days to the install because of the amount of cuts needed. They were kind enough to try and sway me with an alternate plan.

But they don't know how determined a girl with a good plan is! They look amazing in person and even the boys had to admit defeat after seeing the outcome. I went with a light grey grout to make it pop without feeling too stark.

We are on to the kitchen install this week. It is an exciting feeling every time I open the door because this stage seems to be moving a lot faster. The only slow down is that my installers are custom cabinet builders so no simple feet for our Ikea cabinets, instead they are custom building bases to accomodate our lower than average window as well as doing crown and baseboards on the cabinets for a custom look.

Here is my plan for the kitchen, a simple, clean, modern space with a country twist. Basically, somewhere I would want to live, but something that also has to appeal to almost anyone!

1. Lowes Tile, $3/ft / 2. Ikea Otava pendants, $49 each / 3. white subway tile with light grey grout, $0.30 each / 4. free standing black island, $399 Totem Building Supplies / 5. Martha Stewart WhetStone Grey paint / 6. Anthropologie Solar Stamp Knob, $2.95 / 7. Ikea Domsjo double bowl sink, $399 /  8. Ikea Adel Off-White Cabinets