Home made whipped cream

I don't think I could possibly imagine a world without whipped cream. Good old fashioned, home made whipped cream only please! It makes anything you pair it with just a little more decadent, and I love that just by adding something so simple can elevate any fruit to dessert status. 

{ my coffee break is a little sweeter today }

I know some people prefer their whipped cream stiff, but I like mine fluffy but a little velvety. 

{ I could eat it all... seriously }
{ our staple summer snack }

With the whole Summer stretching out before us I think I need to try some new and exciting ways to enjoy my whipped cream fixation.

{ flavored whip cream: Yes Please! }

{ whipped cream instead of icing? }

{ how delicious does this strawberry shortcake look! }

{ adults only, cookies and cream shots }

{ pistachio shots you had me at 'sprinkles' }

Have a great recipe that features whipped cream? 
Please Share!
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