People in white houses shouldn't throw dirty stones.... well actually they shouldn't throw anything.

Life with little people. As they say, it's a full time job! A really fun one, but also a busy, happy, messy, tiring, exciting one. 

Many of my friends 'get' my love of white, most don't. Not in a judge-y way, just in a 'you must really like to keep yourself busy with all that cleaning' way. Probably because a lot of them have kids too! I actually probably do clean a lot by most standards, but not enough by others. It's one of those things that never seems to be done, but I think that is just about finally being a grown up. Once a pile of dirty clothes on the floor bugs you it's safe to say you've arrived in adult territory. 

Despite numerous stains, marks and messes I have never once questioned my love of white (specifically upholstered) furniture. But more importantly I don't think I've made it a big issue in our house, a burden on Wren or her friends. If it ever gets to that I will know it is time to let it go. But so far so good!

The beauty of blogging and reading blogs is to gain and share inspiration, but at the same time it is easy to assume life is perfect in the home of a blogger thanks to beautiful interiors, wonderful photography and angelic children. Of course! I would be kidding myself if I told you that was my reality. True, Wren is a little angel. But there are times, many times daily actually, that this white house of ours is the scene of real childhood Oops moments. 

Take this photo for example. Peaceful, right? 

What you don't see is that while Mommy was unloading laundry Wren decided to use yogurt as glue in her latest craft session. Miraculously none got on the sofa! 

Smudges on stainless steel appliances? We've got 'em. LOT's of them. Feel free to help yourself to some next time your around.


Furniture repurposed into a gymnastics apparatus? check! ALL THE TIME. The cushions actually function as cave building materials more frequently than they do as cushions. Gotta love Ikea furniture for that reason alone (the new couch smell wore off long before it got to us! we got our sectional on craigslist for $300 and the previous owner allowed their dog to chew it slightly).

The lesson I've learned in this white house of ours is that if you have to choose to laugh or cry when something gets ruined, you have to be know you will laugh. And I almost always do (nobody's perfect!). Because none of it is worth a face like this.

PS: thanks to one of my besties, Rebecca, for making Wren such a beautiful headband!!! I can't get her to take it off her head this week. Hugs and kisses!