Summer Days

I am sure almost everyone can relate, but it has been HOT. REALLY HOT. We don't have air conditioning at our house, and instead of spending boats loads of money by leaving the freezer door open all day we decided to take a mini road trip out to our cabin.

{ what I call refreshing }

It is always so relaxing there because we have no distractions. There isn't cable, there isn't wi-fi. We only have each other and the simpler things in life to keep us entertained.

{ no matter how hot, we always have a fire going for impromptu marshmallow cook offs } 

It is a wonderful place to be a 3 year old. 

It's also a wonderful place to be a grown up. Give me a cozy blanket, some good shade and a book by the water and I won't budge all day. 


It's a treat to see the neighbor's horses who usually retreat into the forest in search of shade. I think they were happy to have a new friend in Wren though.


There are tons of 'treasures' for girls like Wren and I.

Wren loves to jump off the deck, her Daddy prefers to jump in the water (specially when it involves dragging me in as well).

It is still as hot as the sun back here at home, but it seems bearable now that we've all had a little time to recharge and wind down from the craziness of life.

I think we will be regular staples at the pool this week!! How are you beating the heat?