Vaulted Wood Ceilings

So I mentioned that there are couple changes I want to make in the living/dining room. The first is to throw some texture and interest into the mix. Currently, our furniture is entirely center stage and while there isn't anything wrong with it I want it to feel much more natural and cohesive. My solution is going to be to panel the ceiling in wood. 

We have been so smitten with the outcome in the kitchen that we are excited to bring it into here and finally ground the room a little. Our plain jane, beyond boring view.

The only difference between the ceiling in the kitchen and what we want to do in here is that we want to add some weight to the room. Instead of randomly staggering our boards like we did in the kitchen it will be slightly more formal with the addition of beams on the wood seams.

I am not sure exactly when this plan will be put into execution and how we will logistically get this installed at these heights without killing ourselves but I am eager to tackle it!

My only decision rests on whether to paint the beams like these amazing spaces.

maybe even go with a grey or dark color on the ceiling? love this room!


Or whether we will leave it wood. I am kind of digging the wood so maybe we'll do that knowing we can always paint over it later.