Bed Head

It's at that point in the Summer when even the novelty of being flushed and golden after a day at the pool is getting old. I no longer wake up excited to throw on my denim cut offs, instead I long for the variety of boots and jeans in my daily wardrobe choices. 

Yet, I'm not ready for Summer to be over! I just want and need a little change of pace or a break in this heat (which I hear is headed my way... watch me eat these words). But I will admit defeat in the hair department for the remainder of this heat. What did people with long hair do before messy top knots were acceptable?

For me, the messier the better. Being a busy mom this usually happens naturally for me by about 9am and only gets progressively crazier as the day progresses.

Unfortunately, my love of messy hair has been passed on to Wren who is in a stage where she rarely lets me do anything with her hair. Admittedly she doesn't have enough of it to be concerned about this, but she is starting her first year of play school in just a few weeks and I am a little concerned over how we'll handle the hair situation. I am hoping that seeing other kids with actual combed, detangled hair will light a fire under her. 

Let it never be said she isn't an independent thinker!

{ divas in striped dresses with bows... and messy hair }