You asked, I answered!

Hey Guys! I've been trying to get this up for a couple days now, but I think I've established myself as the least capable youtuber of ALL time. I officially suck and ended up just posting the whole, unedited, poorly lit, never ending ramble in it's entirety. I managed to blow my 10 minute goal right out of the water, but what can I say? I'm a girl who loves to chat!

Cue the broadway music...

If you were one of the few people who asked about whether I work out, I now realize I completely skipped that answer in my video so here is the details. My workout is that I run around like a chicken with my head cut off most days and realize around 9pm that I haven't sat down all day except to check emails or blog. When it feel like I've been particularly indulgent with my snacks I do get into a spinning routine for about 10 days. I feel like in 10 days I can see a lot of results from spinning for about 40 minutes a day and I do this 2 to 3 times a year, but for the most part I don't have a routine.

As mentioned in the video here are a few links, { this one } will show you my favorite shade of blue paint. And { this one } will take you wayyyy back to Wren's birth post!

Thanks to Sausha at Sweet Pickins, Bethany fom In This Crazy Life, and Sarah from Cozy.Cottage.Cute for doing some sharing on their blogs as well!!! It is so fun to get to know some of the faces that pop by here a little better (feels more like we're besties, actually!). If you happened to do a similar post just leave a comment below with a link address so we can all get to know you better as well.

Have a super happy day my daisies!