Things that make me Happy, August Edition

It's about that time again! I believe we should all take the time daily to reflect on what makes us happy, celebrate the little things that bring us joy (even if it is for just a second or two). I really try hard to do that, but it is a conscious effort. Life moves so fast these days and I think it is more important than ever to really rejoice in these special moments. The following snippets are just a small collection of some of the glorious moments I have stopped to observe of things really make me happy!

{ Ice Cream. Or anything ice cream related really... }
these cute little marshmallows ($2/bag, London Drugs) are a good mess-free alternative, and way less calories I am guessing too!

{ PINK. 'nuff said }
It is fair to say Wren and I are girlie girls, and we love ourselves some pink. I added a little to my office recently and I am happier just thinking about working in there.

{ tarnished silver trays }
I have a theory that one can never have enough old silver trays. Big, small, medium... simple, ornate, unique any and all kinds are welcome in my house. There are pieces I've had for quite some time that are just now getting use, but that is the beauty of them: you never know when or how you will use them. But you do!
This one was a $1.50 find at goodwill and will end up in one of our future bathroom renos, but for now it holds my collection of listerine bottles.

{ play time }
Don't have a reason to throw a fancy party? Consider having one with your little person(s). Pretty plates, a few decorations and a couple snacks really make an afternoon go by in the blink of an eye. And it is a good opportunity to teach manners and etiquette in a fun way!

{ a good beauty routine }
I have spent a lot of time, effort and money on beauty products over the years but always go back to my staples. It is unhealthy how much I enjoy using Dr. Hauschka cleansers every morning and night. Loading up on new bottles makes my heart flutter, but the best side effect is how awesome my skin looks and feels. It is a weird adjustment at first because they don't strip your skin so that tight feeling is missing (which I used to associate with 'clean skin') but after a year I have learned how much a little effort can pay off when it comes to skin care. And if you need a good exfoliator, the Green Apple Peel will change your life, no matter what else you use on your skin. It is super strong but once a week I do it and my skin seems to thank me for it.
(and no, I am not paid or given these products, in fact I wish I was!!! )
{ freebies }
Who doesn't love a freebie?? I love when Murale does theirs and I always wait to stock up on the above products when they have this promo. No strings attached or minimum purchase, they just give you moola for your next splurge!

{ Ice Cream... again }
Ikea has the cutest set of cookies, cake and ice cream cones (pictured here and above) that really look cute enough to eat! We have had lots of fun with these in the last few months.

What special moments have you been savoring?