going green

Simple is my motto this holiday. Oh yeah, and cheap! A commenter yesterday asked how come I would hesitate over a tree skirt purchase when I love designer clothes and that got me thinking... For me it isn't about what I can or can't afford. It is about the challenge that comes with trying to make the most of a dollar.  All of us splurge or treat ourselves from time to time, but stay frugal in other areas. For example, I NEVER get my nails done, hair appointments are yearly at best. And we all know I have a love affair going with thrifting! So I don't have any guilt over my splurges from time to time because of all the other areas I am pretty thrifty in. But really this is neither here nor there.

Today we are going to deck the halls. And while I could go out to buy greenery, I don't want to if I can get it for free in my own back yard. It doesn't take much, and definitely not enough to strip any of my trees, so even if you don't have an ever green tree on your property maybe ask a friend or family member if you can help yourself to some greenery this season in the name of saving a few dollars.

{out with my little helper}

Just a little sprig or two make it so much more festive.

Be sure that when you are decking your halls you try to keep any greenery from directly resting on furniture in the event of any sap dripping or sticking to your the surface. A perfectly tarnished tray feels like it was made just for this little holiday set up.

I threw a few paper towels behind the mirror along with just a few sprigs again.

I kind of loved thinking up items and containers I could throw my assortment of collected branches in. An ice bucket is a sparkly way to keep an arrangement, plus with water in there these ones should last all through the season.

For a more rustic look I literally just plopped the whole thing into an old crate.

My biggest bundle is on the dining room sideboard. I also wanted this one to hold out for the whole season so I threw them into a pitcher and then tucked a length of scrap canvas in there to hide the container and add some texture. No decorations or added work, just simple and lots of lovely fragrances floating through the house.
_MG_1737copy _MG_1738copy _MG_1755copy

My favorite spot I tucked some branches was this old trophy. I picked it up last summer for $.50 at a garage sale. It is plastic and super tacky but I loved the shape and that there was some stone on the base.

So I unscrewed it all and spray painted the cup and wood base.

Voila! All painted up and with the marble back in place it looks super fresh.

I call this one my winning combo. Ba dum bum *ching*
And finally, in the family room I just shoved some more bundles into water in an pitcher a family member gave me and a burlap covered glass vase. A few of you have asked about the burlap one before and I while I wish I could say I made it, I actually grabbed it at TJ Maxx back in March but I have seen them at HomeGoods and HomeSense since then. I think it was $7.99. 


I am all about simplicity this year by not throwing up decorations all over the house. Instead, just doing greenery (and a few other small touches I'll show you tomorrow)  I am so happy to report that it almost feels like this is the most festive our house has ever felt. The real spirit comes from the people who live here.

How is your 'hall decking' coming? I hope I'm not the only person throwing branches up everywhere they can find a spot!