Happy Holidays!

Whatever you celebrate, wherever you are, just know that I am sending happy and warm holiday wishes your way. 

This holiday season has been so busy, but the last few days have been filled with a sense of peace. As someone who runs full speed ahead at all times it is a very refreshing feeling and I hope it carries into my new year. 

And I am thrilled that after 2 years of growing paperwhites that never bloomed, we finally have a bumper crop of them! 
 photo IMG_9031_zpse0ee4671.jpg 
Maybe using dirt and sand was my issue? Who knows! But I'll be forcing them in old milk bottles again next year.
 photo IMG_9032_zps8d4625fe.jpg 

Last minute wrapping, out of tags and paper at the end.
 photo IMG_9041_zpsd14028fc.jpg 

A sweet little card from my bestie for Wren. 

 photo IMG_9038_zpsfb271131.jpg 

Jingle bells and baker's twine make for festive touches on odds and ends.
 photo IMG_8991_zps37076d86.jpg

Have a special, safe, happy holidays.
xoxo Holly

Dashes of Holiday Spirit

We are officially all decked out in these halls now! We did all the exact same decor as last year in the family room (which you can see here!), but we added a few fun new touches that were easy, fast and CHEAP. Here are our last minute, quickie holiday touches.

I picked up a glass felt pen at HomeDepot (it was $5, by Rustoleum) and did a little free hand message on the front of our bookcase. How fun would this be on a mantle mirror, maybe putting names over stockings? I think it would be cute to add snowflakes or other seasonal touches (a santa beard and hat) to photos or paintings that have been framed..
 photo IMG_8904_zpsc1d85ace.jpg 

These funk-a-licious black and white ornaments from Urban Outfitters (full price here online, but I found them for $2.50/set instore) make a cool touch to small bunches of clippings in the dining room. Totally non traditional and unexpected, but perfectly awesome.
 photo IMG_8886_zps0910c86f.jpg 
because every holiday arrangement should feature cats and unicorns. 

 photo IMG_8887_zpsbb54d38b.jpg 

My vintage jars-turned-hurricane lanterns got festive some greens looped around the neck thanks to some floral wire. I don't think I'll chance lighting these with real candles, but the battery operated pillars will be beautiful in the evenings.

 photo IMG_8903_zpsf560aa61.jpg 

A stray jingle bell got tied onto the creamer and another creamer welcomed a few more stray clippings from the back yard.
 photo IMG_8906_zpsc2d310ec.jpg

I hope the holiday spirit is in full force in your home and life this season! And thanks so much for putting up with all my absences this month. It's good to be back!

Gift wrapping with Yarn


They say it is better to give than to receive, but you know what is better than giving? Getting crafty! I have nearly as much fun wrapping gifts as I do giving them, usually personalizing it somehow to the recipient. But that can be a little too much of a time drain this time of year so Wrennie and I set up a production line to get the first of our gifts wrapped up and ready to give.

It all started with two standard rolls of yarn, but if you want to customize your gifts to any specific color scheme it doesn't come easier than using wool. The sky is the limit with color choices!
My only investment in our gift giving this year was a set of pom pom makers. 
Where have these been all my life? They are little rainbows of pure happiness! The whole set was around $5 and it allows you to make different sizes of pompoms. I won't go through the specifics because I am sure there are different techniques and ways to use different makers, but once you do one you are a pro.

I made some big, some small, some a little fuller, some a little thinned out, and even a couple multicolored. It is addicting! The only thing you want to make sure and do to save yourself some trouble is to leave the ends of the piece you use to tie it together instead of trimming them off. This is what we will use tie them to our gifts.

For the wrapping paper I just used standard Kraft paper. I pick up a giant roll every so often and that usually lasts me a few years. But to add some extra umphf  I 'wove' more yarn around the gifts. This is just one piece I wrapped around the present 5 or 6 times, then I wrapped it the other direction the same number of times, weaving it as I did the second go round.

All tied up! I like to think of it as extra protection from little fingers getting into them early.  Wren's favorite part after making the pompoms was showing me where she wanted me to tie them on the parcels.

For smaller gifts (or for the gifts you wrap after your third glass of wine) I just wound the yard around. I actually like this look a little more!

Different shapes, sizes and color combos.

Now I just need to round up some more boxes so I can get the rest of my wrapping done! 
(when did stores stop giving these? I miss those days!!)