November Candle of the Month

I know I missed October's Candle of the Month post, but I promise that November's is a goodie! I debated on going with a traditional Fall fragrance (something with spice, apple, pumpkin, musk), but in the end I let my nose guide me.

I should have packed a little pouch of smelling salts or coffee beans or something because I smelled at least 30 candles and I can confirm everything smells the same after the third or fourth one. 

But one scent stood out of the batch and not surprisingly, it is a Voluspa candle. I have yet to smell one of their scents I don't like really. 

The scent is a new one called Mokara. 

 While it does have a distinct floral base there is a slight something under the surface that does feel warm, and homey. The main notes of the scent are Mokara orchid, white lily and spring moss.

 It's probably the moss that gives it the earthy quality I was craving.

I love a good candle on a Fall afternoon. It seems to be especially gloomy in our neck of the woods lately but a little candle light makes it all worth it. 

The candle runs $18-$22 and has 80 hrs of burn time, which should keep me warm and fuzzy inside for most of the month. 

What scent are you burning for November?