ScaRy Hair

I have had a long road to this moment in my life as a mom. The moment when I realize at the grocery store that my 3 (almost 4) year old has the exquivalent of a tumbleweed for hair do. Wren has always been super advanced for her age, except in the hair growth department. I have lamented over this fact previously (exhibit A) but now that I have a little person with hair I am definitely getting a good old reminder about what they say about greener grass. Dare I even say that I have been a little spoiled to not have to deal with the hair issue much until now? All those cute bows and clips I've been patiently saving are finally getting some use, and getting lost and getting pulled out 10 minutes later...

Because not only does she finally have hair, but she has her own sense of style. 

Showing off her 'headdress' (aka a ribbon stolen from the craft room she insists I wrap and tie on her head)
But once in a blue moon she lets me have my moment with the brush and a few elastic bands. So of course I have to document everything about it.

Because an hour later it looks like this. 

Which is perfect in it's own way because it is exactly, perfectly, Wren.

And just because I might need some blackmail material in the future, thought I'd share this little diddy.


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