My Insta Favorites

I have really gotten into Instagram lately. Not as in posting more per se, but really branching out and finding inspiration, motivation and beauty. I was all about following friends and family (and still am) but I am completely awestruck by how amazingly some people capture moments, places and events. Not just re-posting inspiring rooms or outfits, there are some very gifted amateur photographers, decorators and mothers that can honestly capture the most mundane moments and make them refreshing and beautiful. And I am so excited to have found a couple new addicting blogs through instagram as well, but that's another post for another day.

For today, I want to show you some of my absolute favorite feeds. The user name is on the top of each photo so you can follow them as well should you desire a little more eye candy in your day. I subscribe to many lovely feeds, but these are the handful that I find myself liking every photo of. And I can honestly say that all these ladies are very sweet and respond to questions and comments (I know from experience because I leave them often).

In case you couldn't really tell, I am in the midst of a major Nordic-design crush, so check the list of feeds I'm following if you want to see more black and white minimalist design. 

And be sure to follow me for updates and sneak peeks that may take a few days to get blogged (like our new dining table and holiday decor).

{please keep in mind that the above images are not mine, but belong to the talented ladies who took them}

Who is your favorite Instagram feed? I am always looking for more inspiration!