I am feeling this is a really appropriate motto today. I can be tired, cold, frazzled, bored, rushed or I can just be happy. It is Friday and I am staring down the barrel of a weekend sure to be filled with snuggles, bubble baths and warm meals so really there is nothing left but to enjoy myself. And of course a warm cup of mocha cures all that ails me.

And in case your weekend plans include an excuse to get dolled up here are some fashion do's from my little fashionista.
Faux fur coat: Check.
Pink Poodle Goodie bret: Check
Hot Pink Lipstick (applied while mom was getting her jacket on): Check.

But the biggest tip my little lady shared with me as she showed me her very excessively applied lipstick (that I CANNOT get entirely off now!) is that those who color outside the lines always have the more fun.

Have a wonderful weekend!