One man's glass is another woman's treasure

Sometimes you realize that you were missing something only after you find it. That was the case for me when I saw this lamp.

I first locked eyes with this beauty at the electronics table at goodwill. I liked the lines, LOVED the glass base but was only partially sold on the shade. It felt like a good fit for the little touches of modern I've been trying to add to off set all our treasures. Oh yeah, and it was $4.99. 

Worth a chance, but definitely in need of some heavy degreasing. 

Once I got her all pretty and new-like I temporarily set it on our 'catch all' counter. And wouldn't cha know, it just felt right! I didn't want to move it. My only switcheroo was to add a little marble cheese round I had to just keep it slightly off the counter. Which may or may not stay, but for now I am digging the whole set up. The best part? I found either the same version or a very close one at Crate and Barrel with a price tag over $300!

And that's how easy it is to stay hooked on thrifting guys. It really is a sickness!

As evening rolled in I loved her even more.

I think lamps in the kitchen are my absolute favoritest new thing!

Do you have a lamp in your kitchen or are you part of the no-cooking-near-lighting-club?