Setting The (craft) Table

I am sure it isn't just a girl thing, but Wren is more involved in crafting and art than any and all her toys combined. From what the other moms in her preschool tell me, their little ladies all feel the same way. And while I have no qualms with sharing counter/desk space when we are eyeballs deep in a project, I thought it would be nice for her to have a space of her own for the very same purpose.

Once upon a time we had a chair in this corner of Wren's room. It was very sweet and useful as a baby, but as she has gotten older we don't do a lot of sitting in it. Once the crib is out of the room you do most of the story telling in bed. 

So I swapped it out with a cute little yellow table I found in a corner at the local Goodwill. It had a dreamy little $3.99 sticker on it and that was all it took to seal the deal. It is chipped, a little dinged and all around perfect for the abuse it is sure to take at the world headquarters for my mini Martha.


A $1 wicker basket with a plastic liner for all her crayons and pencils was another thrifted find. Immediately she began with her crafting, just standing at the table and working on her own. But I kept my eyes peeled for about a month for some cute chairs. I hummed and hawed over the little Ikea kids chairs but those are $20 each for the wood ones and I felt like maybe there was something more original out there.

When last weekend my Sister in Law, Kate, and I hit up a local antique mall to scope out some goodies for her nearly finished condo revamp and I spotted an antique pink table with two matching chairs for $25. I LOVED that the chairs were different but painted the same pink, and while I already had a table I scooped up the set and took the other table down to her pink playroom in the basement for her kitchen set up. 

We often have 2 little girls over instead of just one so I would love to round it out with one more chair. And while I am going to keep my eyes peeled I think I might cave and add a kids Panton chair to the mix for that touch of unexpected mod. Who knows, maybe it will someday inspire her to become an architect or furniture designer?? 

The funny part is that no matter how much time and thought I put into it, nothing will quite beat the comfort of a seat like this.

Happy Monday Friend!