Springing Up

I'm not sure what it is about January, but historically speaking if you go back through my archives you will see a pattern. In January I get all excited about Spring and buy new house plants. I'm going to be honest and tell you that of all those plants in previous years only one is still going strong. So wish these plants luck.

I have no idea why the feeling moves me in January to go out and victimize new plants. Maybe it's because I haven't had the joy of killing any of my yard plants in close to 5 months. Maybe it is the yearning for Spring to arrive. I'm going to tell myself it is the second reason. Whatever the reason, I do like to remind myself that even if I only get a solid month out of a house plant it is still cheaper than the week I get from cut roses or any other flowers. And if they live longer than a month it is all gravy to me!

This years first gardening adventure was brought to you by these big glass jars I found with wicker lids. I found them at goodwill a few weeks ago for $12 for the pair. I originally wanted them for future storage in Wren's bathroom reno. And they very well may end up there if these plants don't work out for me, but for now they struck me as really cool potential terrariums.

During a trip to Lowe's I picked out 7 little fern-like plants, and made a detour on the way home by a Michael's to get a couple bags of tumbled stones.

I threw the rocks in first (not literally, of course!) for drainage.

Then I just arranged some of the plants in on top of the rocks, tossed in a little extra potting soil and a couple sticks of drift wood for extra texture and interest. In the end I actually had 2 plants left over that I returns so it only took five plants in total to fill both my jars.

All done and lids back on! I really like these guys and hope they survive. I think the wicker lid is probably going to be my (or rather their) saving grace because it keeps the jars nice and toasty but does allow air to circulate.

Of all my past January plants I think this may be my all time favorite! 
Have you added a hint of Spring to your house lately with Plants?