Did I mention we are dog sitting right now????? 
I always told myself and everyone I know it would be fun to have a bajillion dogs. 


I am not one to eat my words, so it is a hard pill to swallow for me to admit I am just not cut out for multiple-pet-parenting. But Wren sure is. She has been in heaven this week with her little pack of dogs and definitely been a big helper on the doggie front. I hear her reading stories to them (they ALL sleep on her bed) every night, she gets all bundled up to take them out in the back yard adventuring, and she feeds them all by herself every night (no easy task!). She has taught me that even though I still look at her as my baby she really is a little girl now.
 photo _MG_36891_zps9ece9085.jpg 

Her enthusiasm for life and adventure positively excite me and even when I'm wishing a big comfy couch was calling my name I find it infectious. It is a reminder to myself that nothing comes easy and it is worth the effort.

I love these words by Henry Ford.
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Have you ever noticed there is a difference between enthusiasm and ambition? I think both are good traits in their own ways but I prefer to be enthusiastic. There seems to be a sense of contentment while pursuing your passion. Maybe it is just my experience but ambitious people often seem to be constantly reaching for something out of their grasp, where enthusiastic people enjoy the journey so much more.
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Either way, I am enthusiastic about going to back to a one dog household soon but will enjoy watching the fun Wren has until then.

Have a beautiful weekend!