Toughest week of the year so far, hands down. 

But I prefer to throw my hands up, because what can you do really but make the best of it. 
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We left the house yesterday for the first time this week to do a post office run and send all of my beloved blankets on to their new homes. Thank you so much for all the love, you have no idea how you helped keep me hanging on. Assembling boxes, folding and packing blankets was the most fun I've had in many days and the perfect mindless distraction for a sleep deprived momma. Not everyone's idea of fun, but I am loving it.

The other good news is that I've run up and down our staircase over 150 times in 3 days. Not quite buns of steel, but a good workout nonetheless! Wren stayed holed up in our bed for the fourth straight day with her pack of dogs and I have been playing nurse/housekeeper/chef to all four of these cuties. 

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Everyone looks forward to Fridays, and this week I am doubling down on that because the pack of dogs is dispersing and I think we are finally near the end of this cold/flu/hell. Amen!

Happy Weekend!