My Spring Staples

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I may be jumping the gun a *little* but I am in a Spring wardrobe mindset. I need to install a window in our closet because when I dress myself in there I feel so happy and ready for the warm weather, but when I come out dressed like it is 80 degrees outside I have to turn around and march right back in when reality hits. Excluding next week (because we have our Scrap Week happening), I thought we could talk about our Spring fashion ideas/purchases every week or so... until it is actually Spring outside and we can wear them (if this doesn't apply to you, please do me a favor and don't rub it in).

Today's 3 my Spring Wardrobe Staples are...

1. Baggy Army Pants.

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I didn't realize I didn't get a photo of the ankle area, but I love that these can zip up or unzip around the ankle, allowing me to get them up to capri-pant height when the weather dictates. I have ALWAYS loved a good, slouchy pair of fatigues but these are beyond soft and silky. I picked them up at Zara a couple weeks back on sale for $39 and cannot wait to pair them with some wedges or heels and a glam top!

{ now when will Spring finally appear? }
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2. Maxi Skirts/Dresses

Who doesn't love feeling like a princess? I always do when I'm wearing a floor length dress or skirt, except when I wear this one because I feel like a mermaid. I am OBSESSED with the Mermaid Maxi Skirt  (click here to check it out) from Tailor & Stylist (did I mention it is only $24.95??? and they have free shipping?!). It drapes beautifully and I have paired with everything from a simple t-shirt and jean jacket to a sweater to a leather motorcycle jacket. It is super versatile (just maybe not so good for puddle jumping).
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3. Wellingtons

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Once the snow starts to melt around here forget about wearing stylish footwear for fear of ruining them. Wellies are the only option. I bought my last pair over 2 years ago and they still look brand new thanks to the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (what can't that thing do?). This time I went with a versatile navy boot, but the hit of red ribbon on the backside makes my heart flutter! I love that I can change out the ribbon easily as well if I so desire. I got my new women's wellies from Joules, and it was my first experience with them. All I can say is that the packaging alone is dreamy (the pattern in my post header is from the bag and box the boots arrived in) and the boots are so fun I am finding it hard to not order 5 more pairs with all the cute colors and patterns they have.
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Stay tuned for my next round of Spring Staples!

But in the meantime, what additions has your closet seen for Spring?