ParkView Update (overdue!)

Hi Guys!! Hope you have been enjoying Spring this week. Did I mention they cancelled it here?? Really, we've had snow and grossly freezing temperatures. Yuck. 

I said I was going to show you my ParkView update last week, but guess what? This little guy isn't doing so hot.

 photo ig_MG_4867blog_zps582efd68.jpg 

As I type this he is having some minor surgery, which I am hoping helps him feel better because he hasn't been himself for the last little bit. It was last week that I noticed he wasn't eating and just seemed to be weak and unable to walk properly so we took him in and ran a variety of tests and diagnostics all day last Thursday. So I'm crossing my fingers he we will back to my lovable, spunky Mungkee soon.

Besides Doggy Drama, I've had roofing drama and tiler drama. Which has left very little energy for blogging...

I'm not going to go into details because it just doesn't seem professional, but Mama had to be a boss and had to say "You're fired" a few times in the last few weeks. It cost me some time, but I know I made the right decision.

I will bring my camera to the house tomorrow morning and show you some more dramatic changes, since all of these were shot over a week ago already!

Some of my tile choices.
 photo _MG_4898_zps38cf7620.jpg 

Here is our family room off the kitchen with all the new wood in!
 photo _MG_4894_zpsaaeb30a1.jpg 

And also in the den/office. We have all our tile and wood in now, so just carpet remains to be done upstairs which will happen at the very end.
 photo _MG_4909_zps3984c183.jpg 

Needs to be wiped down again, but here is my grey tile in the mud room.
 photo _MG_4895_zps656aedb7.jpg 

My most exciting progress has been the bathrooms, which are my idea of heaven!
 photo _MG_4896_zps0704829a.jpg 

 photo _MG_4897_zps58fc40e0.jpg 

I did extra wide subway tile in both showers, with a mosaic glass/marble band like I did in Lexington. I only needed 9 sheets to do both showers and just had them cut into thirds.
 photo _MG_4905_zps5337a468.jpg 

The grout wasn't done yet in this shot, but it is very true to the final product as we did a grey grout for lots of contrast. 
 photo _MG_4907_zps81fb452f.jpg 

This walk in shower is going to be my favorite thing in the house once the glass is installed! 
 photo _MG_4908-Copy_zps00e32ccf.jpg

I promise to let you know how my baby is doing tomorrow, and show you some more fun shots at ParkView.

And hey, Torri, can you send me the ParkView blueprints????? THANKS!