ParkView Bathroom update

I'll start with my good news: Mungkee came through his little procedure all right. We don't know for sure if this will help him in the long run, but so far he seems to be a little bit closer to the old Mungkee we love. 

My bad news is that the flu has taken Wren down AGAIN! Seriously, this kid has had the flu,  a cold and now another bout of the flu. I am hoping this one is short lived and the last time we see a sick bug in our house this year.

As promised, here is a little look-sie at the bathroom progress I promised. I am also excited with how our trim is looking!! My finisher is amazing and a pro with the saw. 
 photo _MG_4924_zps6d7bec6f.jpg 

Our show glass manufacturer did all his measurements yesterday and we should have some walls and a door in the next few days.
 photo _MG_4923_zps7dd4c909.jpg

I also did some damage yesterday and bought all the vanities, sconces and lighting for the bathrooms.

Sean was pretty surprised with the direction I took, but I know it will be the perfect fit. I went with double floating vanities for the master and a single for the other bath. Most of the time floating vanities are used in very modern settings, but once in a while you see one in a more traditional bathroom and I think it looks stunning.

via HGTV

As soon as they are installed I will show you ASAP!!