The scent of fresh lilac is magical in my world. I find that every spring when I smell it again it actually feels like the first time, never have I ever found anything comes remotely close to accurately capturing that aroma. I am packing today for a little getaway with the Mr. (our first EVER since Wren was born) and I am mourning the fact that when we return my beloved lilacs will be done. I know it is just the beginning of a beautiful summer, but I think the late days of spring may actually be my very favorite time of year with their long days and fresh buds filling the air.

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It is also the time of year we start seeing unexpected afternoon thunderstorms and showers roll in. Cooling the day down and somehow sharpening the fragrant air. A good excuse to cuddle as we listen to the thunder and plan what adventures our next day will hold. 
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Yup, when I return those days will be long gone, replaced by the lazy, hot days of summer. Which are a close second in my hierarchy of seasons. 

I am excited, thrilled and nervous about our getaway. I know it will be relaxing and filled with fun but it is kind of hard to picture more than a day or two without my buddy. Maybe more experienced moms can reassure me that it flies by and we will have the time of our life ( which I know she will be doing while she stays with her Nanny and Papa). I want to send a super-de-duper appreciative thank you to a beautiful blog-friend who is making it a little easier to part. Reem designs and makes beautiful evil eye bracelets for both moms and their mini-me's and Wren and I will both be wearing ours as our way of reminding each other that we are always safe and loved, even if we aren't together. I have a longtime good friend who is from Egypt who also gave me an evil eye necklace a long time ago as well so it holds an extra special spot in my heart. 

THANKS AGAIN REEM!! definitely check out her etsy shop ReemAndI.

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I probably won't be doing much DIY next week, but I promise to pop in a few times.
Have a great weekend.