Maxin' and Relaxin'

Happy first week of June! I am reporting for blogging duty from the beautiful, dry, HOT desert. I know, I know, I was just here with Wren! But I have a reason for returning so soon (aside from catching my breath)  I just can't share it yet in case a certain someone is reading. I'll share all the details next week, promise.

This week it is just Sean and I and we have had a really really special time. It feels like the day you head home with your brand new little baby your life changes forever and while we LOVE that life these few days alone, together have really reminded us what the heck we like about each other so darn much!

I have also been enjoying my other love: reading.
 photo _MG_55551_zps75dee237.jpg 
(the grass is so soft it almost looks fake, right?)
Just nearing the end of The Distant Hours by Kate Morton. So far I like it, as I have all her other novels. I love a good period mystery!

The flowers are insanely beautiful and fragrant, which kind of lessens my longing for lilacs.
 photo _MG_55321_zps846b7237.jpg 

We spend our days in the shade by the pool, and once the sun goes down we get dolled up for a date each evening. 

 photo _MG_55521_zpsb3c9643b.jpg 

The best place to catch a nap.
 photo _MG_55601_zps2c53817c.jpg

Not quite a pedicure... 
 photo _MG_55641_zps3278ab42.jpg 

In case you didn't know, we used to live here in the desert. So we have plenty of favorite restaurants and hang outs. But I just had to share the new Wolfgang Puck restaurant because I was so in love with the interior! Chairs painted in shades of yellow, green and blue, rustic wood and industrial lighting had me saying Mmmmm long before our food came out. 
 photo wp_zps134e1d61.jpg 

The crate shelving and amber glasses were my favorite detail. Tons of inspiration for a gal like me!!
 photo _MG_55291_zps2ef51ae3.jpg

(and the food was amazing too!)
Toodles till Friday!